Enabling CORS on AWS API Gateway

S3 Buckets and Changes to Cross-account Access

Automatically Tagging Uploads to S3 - Part II

Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS

HTTP/HTTPS Redirects with CloudFront and Lambda@Edge

Centralizing SSM Data from Multiple Accounts

EC2 Blue/Green CloudFormation Deployments without DNS changes


Conditionally Rebooting Instances with Lambda

Emailing AWS Cloudwatch Charts with Lambda

Monitoring Your Home Freezer with a Raspberry Pi

Editing your HOSTS file with Powershell for your AWS Instance

Ansible and Your AWS Inventory


A Simple HTTP CI/CD Pipeline with AWS CodeDeploy

Moving Windows File Shares to A New Server

Lambda and PowerShell

Getting Data from Multiple IIS Servers

Automatically Tagging Uploads to S3

Getting Started with Terraform on AWS


Automate the provisioning of VMs across multiple platforms

Backups using Cloudberry Backup

Running Ansible in AWS

Deleting old Airwatch devices with Powershell

Installing Ansible

Getting Started with Vagrant on Hyper-V

Creating a Nano server with Powershell

VMware VCP6-DCV, done

Getting Started with Powershell DSC

Configure Airwatch for REST API Connections - part II

Configure Airwatch for REST API Connections


Upgrade Readiness Client Setup

Windows 10 Upgrade Readiness

AWS Certified Developer - Associate, done

NSX on Public Cloud

GDPR and Microsoft - Part II

GDPR and Microsoft - Part I

The Scarf Model

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, done!


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First exam done

Getting started with NSX

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