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Introduction to VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS allows customers to move their existing on premise VMs to the AWS. However, these are not moving directly to EC2, but are running on a baremetal server running VMware, within an AWS account. It allows you to extend your datacentre into the the cloud, providing the 7th “R”, relocate.

HTTP/HTTPS Redirects with CloudFront and Lambda@Edge

Static hosting on S3 is a really cost effective way to have a website without having to pay for a server. When you put it behind CloudFront, you get all the benefits of faster performance by content distribution, as well as the ability to use a free HTTPS certificate. That is on top of HTTP to HTTPS redirection for better security (and to keep search engines happy). The problem I had is that my static content generator doesn't code full links for some things, so /tags should actually go to /tags/index.html. When you stick CloudFront in front of an S3 bucket configured to server static content, that functionality breaks.

Centralizing SSM Data from Multiple Accounts

SSM inventory is great, but when you have lots of different accounts, and need to find an instance that matches particular properties, or want to know about installed applications across the estate, you don't want to have to go and check each SSM service in each account, even programatically.